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Most Common Reasons Why Wisdom Teeth Should Be Removed

Wisdom teeth are molars that grow at the very back of your gums. The majority of teeth grows during childhood; however, wisdom teeth typically do not appear until between the ages of 12 to 25. It is common for many people, especially children to fear the thought of having them removed. However, if they are left in place, there will typically be problems, especially with the lower teeth. Hi Tech Dental Care in Las Vegas has the technology, to take the fear out of the procedure. Here are some of the most common reasons why wisdom teeth should be removed:

1- Tooth Erosion

Bacteria, saliva and food particles often collect around an impacted wisdom tooth, which may cause it and/or the surrounding teeth to erode. If the wisdom tooth has infection and a level of decay, it may be more difficult to remove the tooth.

2- Infection of the Gums

If the tooth is infected, it is common for the infection to spread to your gums. The infection may lead to extreme pain, swelling, bad breath and the inability to fully open your mouth. The infection can also spread to the neck, cheek and jaw.

3- Misaligned Teeth

Many children and people who do not have their wisdom teeth removed have more frequent visits to their dentist and may require more dental care like braces to correct shifting teeth.

4- Formation of Cyst

If a wisdom tooth become impacted a cyst may develop on the soft tissue around the tooth. Cysts can cause destruction of the bone, damage to the surrounding teeth, jaw expansion and displacement of nearby teeth. If our patient has a lot of fear around having their wisdom teeth removed, our dentist at Hi tech Dental Care in Las Vegas can utilize sedation dentistry to take away that fear.

It is extremely important to schedule you child’s routine checkups with a Hi Tech Dental Care dentist in Las Vegas. This will allow us to closely monitor the condition and the growth of a wisdom tooth as well as the surrounding teeth. In addition monitoring your oral health, a routine dental cleaning from our gentle hygienists at Hi Tech Dental Care in Las Vegas will also help to keep teeth intact and free from decay.

If you or your child may be having problems with a wisdom tooth, contact Dr. Kayla Mai at Hi Tech Dental Care at (702) 233-5551 to learn more about our technology and how sedation dentistry can help you at the removal of your wisdom teeth.