Six Month Smile

Six Month Smile For The Smile You Have Always Wanted

It is common for teenagers to visit a children’s dentist in Las Vegas to seek orthodontic treatments; however, many adults who did not seek treatment for misaligned teeth continue to suffer with this problem, because they do not want to wear braces. Thanks to modern dental care technology, there is a quicker and easier way for adults to repair problem teeth….it’s called Six Month Smile. The technique is designed to give you the smile you have always wanted in about six months after your initial visit to the best dentist in Las Vegas at Hi Tech Dental Care.

What is the Six Month Smile?

This somewhat new style of dental care used by Hi Tech Dental Care is a different way for adults to achieve the same results as teenagers who visit their children’s dentist in Las Vegas for misaligned teeth. The method uses subtler materials, instead of the traditional metal braces. The wires are available in the natural color of your teeth, so they are less visible. Our dentist at Hi Tech Dental Care in Las Vegas will use wires that utilize a low force and does not rush the process, however it is more efficient. You will experience less discomfort and will be able to easily maintain your oral health, and a new straight smile in Six Months.

Advantages of the Six Month Smile

With traditional metal braces, the primary focus is on correcting your bite. With the Six Months Smile technique, the primary focus is on correcting crowded or crooked teeth. The Six Months Smile teeth straightening method also makes it easier for you to enjoy your food, without worrying about what will or will not get struck in the traditionally used metal. Other advantages of this procedure include:

  • The average amount of time for the procedure is about six months
  • Appointments with your dentist in Las Vegas are more comfortable and quicker
  • The brackets are virtually invisible
  • The brackets are more comfortable to wear
  • They are easier to clean
  • Safer than traditional metal aligner’s

The main focus of the Six Months Smile technique is to straighten the front teeth. In the majority of situations teeth are straight within six months. Some people may require a little longer and some may even require less than six months. The best news is that while you are wearing the brackets, they are barely noticeable.

If you are ready to have the smile you have always wanted, contact Dr. Kayla Mai, at Hi Tech Dental Care, the best dentist in Las Vegas, to schedule a consultation to find out if you are a good candidate for Six Months Smile.