Same Day Dental

Tired of Slipping Dentures? Visit a Same Day Dentist For 4-On-One Dental Implants

If you have one or more missing teeth, wearing dentures is an alternative; however, many people have problems with dentures coming out while eating or talking. You may really want same day dental for some of these issues. One of the most common reasons people visit one of our Hi Tech Dental Care dentist in Las Vegas for treatment is due to ill-fitting dentures. If you currently have dentures and are frustrated with the fit you may be a good candidate for same day implants. We are an emergency dentist in Las Vegas and support same day dentures.

What Are Same Day Dental Implants?

Traditional dental implants meant visiting our Hi Tech Dental Care dentist in Las Vegas to have the titanium screws installed, waiting about six months for the mouth and jaw to heal and then returning for the placement of the teeth. If you are a candidate for same day dental implants, we may recommend “all-on-4” implants, which means you can have immediate placement of your new teeth.

How Does the Procedure Work?

The first step is to visit a same day dentist who will examine your teeth and gums in order to develop a plan. Your treatment plan will typically consist of our Hi Tech Dental Care dentist in Las Vegas taking a 3D image of your mouth. The scan is used to help us create your custom, prosthetic teeth. Following your consultation, we will consult you on sedation dentistry, explain where your new teeth will be placed and be scheduled for your implant surgery, all in the same day. Typically it takes between 6 to 12 implants per arch, but the same day all-on-4 implants require only 4 implants per arch.

Are You a Good Candidate for Same Day Dentistry?

Same day implants are appropriate for the lower arch, upper arch or both. Unlike dentures, implants will help to prevent your jawbone from further re-absorption. You are usually a good candidate for same day teeth, if:

  • If you have failing or missing teeth, including all of your teeth.
  • Currently wear full or partial dentures.
  • Want permanent, natural looking teeth, without going through the lengthy process of traditional dental implants.
  • What are the Benefits of Same Day Dentistry?
  • One of the best benefits of having same day implants is never having to worry about your dentures slipping, but there are a number of other benefits as well, including:
  • Enjoying certain foods that you could not eat with dentures, such as a steak or an apple.
  • They are affordable.
  • Implants increase your self-confidence.
  • No invasive bone grafting.
  • Less invasive procedure than traditional implants.

If your tired of slipping dentures or you have missing teeth, you are a great candidate for all-on-4 implants, which means you can have a beautiful smile with teeth that are permanent and fully functioning.

If you want to learn more information about dental implants and how we at Hi Tech Dental Care can improve your smile, contact Dr. Kayla Mai at Hi Tech Dental Care at (702) 233-5551 and we will be happy to schedule you an appointment for a consultation.