Implant Supported Dentures Las Vegas, NV

Implant Supported Dentures Are Perfect for Slipping and Uncomfortable Dentures

If you are tired of uncomfortable dentures that cause mouth sores, collect food under them or move when you talk, your Hi Tech Dental Care dentist in Las Vegas has a modern solution to removable dentures Las Vegas, NV. Implant supported dentures are a form dental care that can give your replacement teeth natural feeling and appearance. Many people do not wear their dentures at all, because they lack retention, are unstable and do not function naturally. Implants enable the use of traditional dentures for people who have minimal bone to support them. The dentures are snapped onto the implants, making them secure and comfortable. Many times your existing denture can be used to secure to the dental implant.

Are You a Good Candidate for Implant Supported Dentures?

First, your Hi Tech Dental Care cosmetic dentist in Las Vegas will carefully examine your oral health status, dentistry medical history and bone density to determine whether mini or full dental implants would be the best for you. A good candidate is someone with:

  • Bridges
  • Loose teeth
  • Unsalvageable teeth
  • Painful full or partial dentures
  • Bone loss
  • Ill-fitting or unstable dentures
  • Long-term denture wearers

Removable and Non-removable Implant Supported Dentures

There are two types of implant retained dentures; removable and non-removable fixed dentures. Both provide a more secure feeling and more natural appearance than traditional dentures.

  • Removable over dentures are the traditional dentures that are anchored to your mouth by fitting them directly over mini or conventional implants or over a bar that has been connected to the implants. These inplants are called removable over dentures because they fit over the implants. They are removable and must be taken out following a meal and for cleaning.
  • Non-removable or fixed dentures are often called a hybrid denture. They stay in your mouth all of the time and you treat them just like you would a natural tooth. You use the same type of oral health care as for a natural tooth and you can eat the foods you enjoy. Fixed dentures are not removable, but your dentist can take them out if necessary, without damaging the implants. This type of denture is the closest thing to your own natural smile.

Thanks to Hi Tech Dental Care’s modern dentistry in Las Vegas, denture wearers can experience life without pain in their mouth, without the embarrassment of slipping dentures and without unhealthy eating habits. Implant retained dentures give you the chance to have replacement teeth that function naturally and have a natural appearance.

Contact Dr. Kayla Mai at Hi Tech Dental Care to learn about how we can give you the smile you have always wanted with the appropriate oral health care and implant supported dentures.