General Anesthesia Dentist Las Vegas NV

Sedation Dentistry and General Anesthesia Reduces Your Fear of Dental Work

Sleep dentistry is a term used that refers to the use of sedatives while your Las Vegas Dentist is performing dentistry procedures. Sedatives can be used by our dentist at Hi Tech Dental Care to help you stay calm during a dental procedure. There are varying degrees of general anesthesia, depending on the procedure you are having done as well as your level of fear and/or anxiety. Sleep dentistry is highly effective for those who have a severe phobia of the dentist. Many people are fearful of going to the dentist, so they neglect their oral health by not having routine examinations and necessary procedures.

General Anesthesia

For those who are extremely fearful and/or for those who require an extensive procedure, our dentist at Hi Tech Dental Care in Las Vegas may suggest the use of a general anesthesia. This type of sedation is typically given by our dentist intravenously. However, sometimes our dentist will suggest the use of oral conscience sedation. In this case, a patient will take small medication and become completely relaxed and many times the patient never will remember the dental procedure they had done. Sedation dentistry is regarded as a miracle by our patients who have an intense fear of the dental visit or lack time and need multiple dental problems fixed at one time. It is essential to keep in mind that the appearance of your teeth and for your general oral health should not be neglected out of a fear of the dentist.

We at Hi Tech Dental Care in Las Vegas understand your fears and will do everything in our power to make you comfortable during your stay with us. With sedation dentistry the patient experiences no pain. Although general anesthesia is one option, there are a number of other sedation options available, including those that will allow you to remain awake during your procedure.

Non-painful Procedures

Not all patients require sedatives during a procedure and not all procedures require sedation. For simpler procedures such as teeth whitening to improve the appearance of your teeth, your Hi Tech Dental Care cosmetic dentist, will not typically recommend a sedative, because it is not a painful procedure. However, if you experience a fear of pain or a fear of the dentist, our Hi Tech Dental Care dentist in Las Vegas may suggest a mild sedative to calm your nerves.

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous Oxide is the most common form of sedatives used in dentistry. Many dentist use this type of sedation because it calms the patient and may induce sleep. However, with Nitrous Oxide you will still experience the pain, so other pain relievers are typically used in combination of the nitrous oxide.

We at Hi Tech Dental Care in Las Vegas have many ways to help you stay comfortable in the dental chair. Our experienced dentists will explain your options so you will enjoy your dental visit with us. However, if you have intense fear of seeing a dentist or don’t have the time for multiple appointments, sedation dentistry may be the option for you. Ask our dentists at Hi Tech Dental Care which option is best for your comfort.

If you have been neglecting your oral health or are concerned about the appearance of your teeth, contact Dr. Kayla Mai at Hi Tech Dental Care to schedule an appointment and learn more about our sedation and relaxation options available for your oral care procedures.